Satisfied clients are typically the key to the growth and longevity of any successful business. We are no different; we strive daily to deliver positive outcomes for our clients. With over 30 years of criminal defense experience in the state of Connecticut, we are fully qualified and equipped to help you or a loved one when they need a criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of success.

Client Testimonials

Salvatore Bonanno is extremely proficient and comfortable to work with every step of the way, approaching my case with surgical precision. He is highly educated and can navigate the legal system with confidence. He is well respected in the legal community, as he should be due to his professionalism. I endorse Sal 110%.- November 2018

Attorney Bonanno is dedicated, very intelligent, and respected throughout the court system in Connecticut. He leaves no stone unturned with his attention to detail. I had a messy legal situation that seemed to be spiraling out of control, but we were able to resolve it when the judge granted me a program even though the prosecutor made a motion to block me from it. Today I have no criminal record and I am very thankful for Attorney Bonanno's service. I highly recommend Attorney Bonanno to anybody who wants the best possible outcome in their legal battles. - July 2018

I would highly recommend Attny Bonanno to assist with any DUI/DWI case. He is very professional and did a great job of educating my husband and I in regard to our situation and options. He quickly put us at ease and kept us informed of the process. His knowledge of the system is outstanding and he made the process very simple. He went above and beyond to assist us with other issues which were outside of our specific issue which we really appreciated. I would hire him again if I ever needed his specific areas of expertise. - April 2018

I was panicked when my son was arrested for serious charges. It seemed hopeless. I contacted Atty. Bonanno. He returned my call while on vacation with his family and he made an appointment with me as soon as he arrived back. He has been responsive and answered all of our questions throughout the legal process. He was successful in getting my son's charges minimized with a probationary sentence. He communicated with us throughout the process and honest and supportive. Will recommend him to my friends and family who find themselves in need of an attorney. - June 2017

I found myself in a complicated situation with a DUI under my belt and an additional charge for driving with a suspended license. I was very worried as this was my first run in with the law and I was facing possible jail time. I spoke with over 10 lawyers trying to get a feel for who could help me. Many of the lawyers I spoke with warned me about how difficult the prosecutors were in this area and that my outcome did not look so great. After speaking with Sal I immediately felt better.

He approached me with a game plan and explained all the possibilities. He also showed confidence and knowledge over fear for how difficult the prosecutors were. He kept me updated through the whole process and was always realistic in his approach and communication.

In the end his plan exceeded my expectations and he was able to have my charge dropped. He is an amazing person and lawyer.

If you were looking for a lawyer who is honest, knowledgeable, and worth every penny give him a call--you won't be disappointed. - March 2017

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