The Importance of a DUI Defense Attorney

An experienced criminal defense attorney can give you the right advice from the start of your case and make the process of prosecution as stress-free as possible. He can help you answer critical questions. For example, if the police pulled you over, would you know when to refuse to take a BAC test? What if you were involved in an accident and were there injured people? Did you use anything other than alcohol before getting behind the wheel?

Attorney Salvatore Bonanno has extensive experience defending individuals against drunk driving charges, as well as other criminal traffic violations such as assault with a motor vehicle and manslaughter with a motor vehicle.  He has the knowledge and experience to answer any questions or concerns, and put your mind at ease. He works to put your life back in order by crafting a defense to get you the best possible outcome.

Attorney Bonanno has had DUI charges dropped for his clients before and if you are able to avoid a first conviction for driving under the influence because charges are dropped, an experienced DUI defense lawyer may be able to remove all information about you from the public record, including your booking photo.

If you are facing a drunk driving charges or if you have had your Connecticut license suspended because of a drunk driving (DWI/DUI) charge, Attorney Bonanno can represent you at the appropriate hearings in court and with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

Contact the Law Office of Salvatore Bonanno to speak to a experienced Hartford DUI lawyer today.

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