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Criminal Defense Attorney & DUI Lawyer

Attorney Salvatore Bonanno offers straightforward advice and representation to individuals who may be suspected of criminal activity, arrested, or formally charged in the State of Connecticut. At the Law Offices of Salvatore Bonanno, you will talk directly to Attorney Bonanno, not to a junior associate or a paralegal. If you are facing a criminal charge in Connecticut, the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and very unnerving. Will you spend time in jail? Will you lose your job? Will you have a record? Attorney Salvatore Bonanno will answer these questions for you and guide you through the process of what to expect if you find yourself immersed in the legal system.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate it. In his 30+ years of experience, Attorney Bonanno’s results speak for him: satisfied clients, many referrals, and positive outcomes. When you are facing a criminal charge, it is imperative to discuss your legal needs and rights as quick as possible.

Criminal Defense: Areas of Legal Practice

Attorney Bonanno has over 30 years experience with the Connecticut judicial system.

  • DUI Defense Attorney & Hartford DUI Lawyer

    DUI is a very serious matter that can affect your everyday life in so many ways. You need an attorney who specializes in Connecticut DUI cases and client defense.

  • Sexual Assault & Other Sex Crimes

    These are some of the most serious charges someone can face with the potential for many years of incarceration.

  • Domestic Violence

    If charged, you will be ordered to turn over any firearms, and required to domicile elsewhere among many other things.

  • Assault

    Causing harm to someone or having the intent to harm are just a few of the many examples of potential assault charges.

  • Drug Possession & Sale

    Connecticut takes drug crimes very seriously. From possession to intent to sell and trafficking. All have if convicted, serious consequences.

  • Violent Crimes

    Violent crime convictions carry the most severe consequences in the criminal justice system.

  • Personal Injury

    Automobile, Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Accidents. Slips and falls, and other personal injury accidents.

  • Probation Violation

    If you have been granted probation after being convicted of a crime, this is a favorable outcome; however, if you have breached any of the conditions of your probation, you will be charged with a probation violation.

  • Perjury & Tampering

    If you are placed under oath in any official proceeding and intentionally and knowingly make a false statement, you are committing perjury.

  • Weapon Crimes

    Connecticut laws are incredibly strict when it comes to illegal behavior with any weapon. We recommend contacting a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are accused of or convicted of any charge involving a weapon.

  • Expungements & Pardons

    A pardon can completely erase your criminal record, wiping the slate clean. There a several scenarios where this can apply to you. Contact us to determine if you may qualify for an expungement of your record. 

  • Theft / Larceny

    Depending on the value of the money or property stolen, larceny can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Though neither are desired results, it is critical to know your rights in every potential criminal case.

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