Traffic Violations Can Really Add Up

Though traffic tickets may seem like a nuisance, if not properly addressed, they could greatly affect more than just your commute. In fact, traffic violations can impact your driving record, insurance premiums, and even your ability to maintain your license at all.  If you have a history of speeding tickets and you always pay the fine to get it over with, you might want to rethink how you’re handling the situation. Hiring an experienced attorney can greatly increase your chances of getting out of a traffic violation, or at least lowering the cost and not jeopardizing your license. 

Avoid a Suspended License

You’re driving home from work or on your way to a friend’s house and you see those flashing lights behind your vehicle. There’s a moment of panic. Is he pulling me over? What did I do? I’m going the same speed as everyone else? Then, you’re hit with a speeding ticket or you’ve been caught texting and driving. What began as a normal afternoon, quickly turns into a frustrating experience. Though getting pulled over may be tedious and sometimes upsetting, many people disregard their traffic violations and simply pay the fine, hoping to move on with their lives; however, in paying these violations you are pleading guilty to the charges and affecting your license and possibly even your insurance payments. 

Many people view all traffic violations the same. They say, “I got a ticket today! Can you believe it?!”, but a ticket for speeding is different than a ticket for reckless driving, or texting and driving. If you rack up enough traffic violations, you’re looking at a suspended license, and driving with a suspended license can lead to arrest.  

Bet you didn’t think about how quickly this can escalate?

Now, this isn’t meant to cause panic, but it’s easy to simply pay the traffic ticket online, move on with your day, and not even realize you’re one missed stop sign away from a suspended license. Of course, most people in Connecticut commute to work with their vehicles, so having your license suspended is not an option. 

Not many people think to hire an attorney to deal with their traffic infractions and violations, but an experienced attorney can help either eliminate the ticket altogether or at least lower the impact on your driving record. The most ideal way to keep your driving record in good shape is to evaluate your driving habits and make sure you are always driving safely; however, traffic tickets happen, and instead of letting them spiral out of control, let an experienced attorney help you. 

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