Keep College Kids Out of Trouble

Keep College Kids Out Of Trouble With The Law

School is back in session! Classes are in full swing and those who are off to college have said, “So long!” to mom and dad after moving into their new dorms. The start of a new school year is always super exciting! Not only are you making another step in your academic career, but the promise of new friendships and relationships is always thrilling; however, some college kids can find themselves in trouble with their school or the law once away from their parents’ disciplinary grasp. One of the biggest culprits: underage drinking and the use of fake IDs.

Though underage drinking in college may seem like no big deal, the consequences can be serious. Technically underage drinking is considered a violation and therefore not a crime; however, there are serious crimes that are commonly attached to underage drinking including using fake IDs and drinking and driving


If under the age of 21 and caught with alcohol, you could face serious fines, which may seem minimal, but if you are enrolled in a university this could be very detrimental to your record. You very well may find yourself in front of an ethics board and possibly even suspended or expelled for your behavior. There’s also the common problem of underage people utilizing fake IDs to purchase alcohol or enter bars. This, again, may seem like an “oh, everybody does it!” issue; however, the creation of and use of fake forms of identification could result in a felony charge. That’s right. The use of a fake ID or someone else’s ID is considered forgery because you are using a forged or fake document in order to deceive or defraud another individual. This puts not only yourself in jeopardy but the person who is serving or selling alcohol to anyone with a fake ID. Using any form of false identification can hold a variety of different consequences depending on the severity of the charge including hefty fines and jail time.


If caught driving while under the influence and under the age of 21, your future could suffer greatly. Not only is there a strong likelihood that you’ll suffer consequences at your school or university, but having any kind of criminal record can affect your future job opportunities as well. Having to explain that you received a DUI as a minor and while in school can call into question your integrity and decision making. There’s also the logistical frustration of your license being suspended. Think of the difficulty getting to and from school or an internship if you’re unable to drive. Though underage drinking may seem like a minimal issue, there are some serious crimes attached to the choice. If you or your child has been arrested for a DUI or for using false identification of any kind, it is vital that you contact an experienced attorney.

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