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Everyday DUI Risks

We all try to follow the rules. When going out, we have a designated driver or take a cab, but did you know that even if you haven’t consumed any alcohol or taken illegal drugs, you might still be at …

Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding domestic violence cases

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Cases Cause Unforeseen Problems!

If arrested for a Domestic Violence (DV) Case, you will be in for several surprises.

When someone is arrested for having an argument, physical altercation, or some dispute with a spouse, roommate, child, current …

Have I Been Arrested?

“I wasn’t arrested, I only got a ticket!”

If you received a ticket charging you with an offense AND ordering you to appear at court, you have been arrested!

While it may seem obvious to some, many people …

Erasure of Arrest Paperwork

Tips for Securing an Erasure of Arrest Paperwork in ConnecticutHartford Connecticut Attorney

If you received the benefit of a dismissal, acquittal or a nolle, be sure to clean up the mess, and secure your booking photo, paperwork, arrest reports, etc.

If you …

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