"I Wasn't Convicted, I Only Paid a Fine!"

 If you ever had to go to court and resolved a case with the payment of a fine, most likely YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD!

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Hire a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney

All criminal statutes allow for both jail and/or payment of a fine. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that when they pay a fine to resolve a criminal case, or motor vehicle violation, they’re being found guilty, AND END UP WITH A RECORD.

For lesser offenses, such as motor vehicle violations or minor misdemeanors, where the police have the discretion to issue a misdemeanor summons on site, often a prosecutor may offer to someone that they pay a fine to resolve the case. This option is very tempting to many as it’s a “cheap” way to get out of the case without paying an attorney, or risking jail.

Don’t do a Solo Flight! Hire a Competent Criminal Defense Attorney!

Anytime you go to criminal court, you must have a competent criminal defense attorney representing you. If not, you risk ending up with a criminal record, or jail time!

If you are offered to end a case with a fine, ASK FOR A CONTINUANCE AND CONSULT WITH A CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER!


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