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Keep College Kids Out of Trouble

Keep College Kids Out Of Trouble With The Law

By Salvatore Bonanno | Sep 25, 2019

School is back in session! Classes are in full swing and those who are off to college have said, “So long!” to mom and dad after moving into their new dorms. The start of a new school year is always super exciting! Not only are you making another step in your academic career, but the …

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Traffic Violations Can Really Add Up

By Salvatore Bonanno | Aug 17, 2019

Though traffic tickets may seem like a nuisance, if not properly addressed, they could greatly affect more than just your commute. In fact, traffic violations can impact your driving record, insurance premiums, and even your ability to maintain your license at all.  If you have a history of speeding tickets and you always pay the …

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Keep Summer Fun, Safe & Legal

By Salvatore Bonanno | Jul 15, 2019

MAKE SURE THE SUMMER STAYS FUN, NOT ILLEGAL. July 4th may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the summer fun is over. In fact, it’s just beginning! Between now and Labor Day, you’ll see your fair share of beach trips, BBQs, and town firework shows, but keep an eye on yourself and your festivities so …

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Everyday DUI Risks

By Salvatore Bonanno | Jun 20, 2019

We all try to follow the rules. When going out, we have a designated driver or take a cab, but did you know that even if you haven’t consumed any alcohol or taken illegal drugs, you might still be at risk for a DUI? That’s right! DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence and sometimes …

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As Graduation Approaches, Be Mindful of Drinking & Driving

By Salvatore Bonanno | May 6, 2019

Graduation is an extremely exciting time of year, and absolutely something to celebrate! Whether you are graduating yourself or your child is moving onto further education, this is an outstanding accomplishment, and something to be proud of. But while you’re celebrating your family’s recent accomplishment, it is important to keep track of your drinking and …

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what to do if your child has been arrested

What to do if your Child Has Been Arrested

By Salvatore Bonanno | Apr 17, 2019

If you’re a parent, the most frightening thing that can happen to you is something happening to your child, no matter the age.  Most parents are never prepared to learn that their child has been arrested. They panic and wonder what the next steps should be. Many have questions about their child’s situation and want …

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Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding domestic violence cases

Domestic Violence Cases

By Salvatore Bonanno | Sep 18, 2017

Domestic Violence Cases Cause Unforeseen Problems! If arrested for a Domestic Violence (DV) Case, you will be in for several surprises. When someone is arrested for having an argument, physical altercation, or some dispute with a spouse, roommate, child, current or former boyfriend/girlfriend (DV victim), the arrest will be treated as a DV case, which …

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DUI Affects Everyone

Commercial Drivers License DUI

By Salvatore Bonanno | May 30, 2017

A Commercial Driver’s License Will Create Problems If Charged With DUI! If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and you are charged with driving under the influence, you may NOT be able to avoid a criminal record. When someone is arrested for a DUI where there was not a serious accident, and that person…

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Social Media and Child Pornography harges

Social Media Can Cause Child Pornography Charges!

By Salvatore Bonanno | Mar 15, 2017

If your child uses Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, be sure you know what they’re posting or receiving … as they may be violating child pornography laws! Here are just a few: Connecticut General Statutes Section 53a-196h(a)(1) prevents a 13 to 17-year old child from possessing any child pornography (nude, or partially nude …

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Pre-Arrest Legal Representation is a Must!

By Salvatore Bonanno | Aug 14, 2016

Long before you’re arrested you should retain a criminal defense attorney.  If you believe that someone filed a criminal complaint against you, or that the authorities are investigating you, hire a criminal defense attorney immediately! In almost 30 years of practice, I have handled countless criminal cases.  Quite often I learn that my clients met …

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