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"I Wasn't Convicted, I Only Paid a Fine!"

By Salvatore Bonanno | Nov 25, 2015

 If you ever had to go to court and resolved a case with the payment of a fine, most likely YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD! All criminal statutes allow for both jail and/or payment of a fine. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that when they pay a fine to resolve a criminal case, or […]

Have I Been Arrested?

By Salvatore Bonanno | Aug 27, 2015

“I wasn’t arrested, I only got a ticket!” If you received a “ticket” charging you with an offense AND ordering you to appear at court, you have been arrested! While it may seem obvious to some, many people are under the mistaken belief that if they’ve been issued a summons WITH A COURT DATE, that […]

Rights Regarding Records of Your Conviction

By Salvatore Bonanno | Apr 2, 2015

Are You Eligible To Petition The Court To Erase & Destroy Records Of Your Conviction? “Whenever any person has been convicted of an offense . . . and such offense has been decriminalized subsequent to the date of such conviction,’’ that person may petition the Superior Court for an order of erasure pursuant to General […]

What to do if Questioned

By Salvatore Bonanno | Mar 1, 2015

What to do if the Police Want to Question You or Your Child If you, or your child, are approached or receive a phone call from the police wanting to ask you, or your child “a few questions”, be sure to act wisely. We want law enforcement to investigate criminal activity in order to secure […]

Erasure of Arrest Paperwork

By Salvatore Bonanno | Dec 28, 2014

Tips for Securing an Erasure of Arrest Paperwork in Connecticut If you received the benefit of a dismissal, acquittal or a nolle, be sure to clean up the mess, and secure your booking photo, paperwork, arrest reports, etc. If you have no other criminal record, pursuant to the “Erasure Statute”, 20 days after all charges […]

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