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Keep Summer Fun, Safe & Legal


July 4th may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the summer fun is over. In fact, it’s just beginning! Between now and Labor Day, you’ll see your fair share of beach trips, BBQs, and town firework shows, but keep an eye on yourself and your festivities so your summertime fun doesn’t end in a ticket or arrest


We all love the firework displays held by each town across the state. Gathering the family together with picnics and watching the light show is something that makes us feel nostalgic for our childhoods and excited for what the rest of the summer brings; however, if you’re thinking about setting off fireworks in your driveway for a private, neighborhood show, think again. Though Connecticut is one of the few states where fireworks are sold, it’s important to remember that sparklers and fountains are the only legal “fireworks.” So, if you’re looking to set off that box of roman candles or skyrockets, I would reconsider. Remember that these type of fireworks are illegal all year round, you don’t get a pass just because it’s summertime, and these laws aren’t put in place to ruin the fun: they exist to prevent dangerous and fatal situations. So enjoy the family BBQs this summer, but think twice before setting off any explosives in the street…especially if you’ve been drinking. 


It is prime beach weather, and that means packing up the cooler and hitting the shore for some fun in the sun and sand; however, make sure you check the rules for each beach before packing up your six packs into the cooler. Though a nice, cold beer may sound like just the thing for your beach day, there are many beaches where alcohol is not permitted. You can find much of what is permitted and prohibited online. If you don’t do your due diligence on whether or not you’re allowed to bring alcohol to the beach, be prepared for a ticket and a hefty fine. Once again, these rules are put in place for safety. Heavy drinking and open water can make a fun situation very dangerous, and if you don’t clean up after yourselves, broken glass hidden in the sand can turn a beach day into a hospital visit. Also, keep in mind, even if alcohol is allowed at your particular beach of choice, all the same rules still apply: you still must be 21 years or older to consume any. Many people believe that the laws become more lenient because it’s summertime and you may be on vacation or out of school, but that’s now how it works. If anything, police are on even higher alert. Also, always keep an eye on your alcohol consumption before packing up the van and shuttling your family and friends home. Being out in the sun can cause the alcohol you drink to affect you more strongly and at a faster rate. There are often many DUI checkpoints set up on your way back from the beach so as always, have fun, but make sure you have a designated driver, and if you do get arrested for a DUI, call an experienced DUI attorney. 

Have a fun-filled summer with beach trips and firework shows! Summer is so short we all deserve to enjoy it to its fullest, but always keep in mind the laws so that your summertime fun doesn’t turn illegal or dangerous. 

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