Pre-Arrest Legal Representation is a Must!

Pre-Arrest Legal Representation
Pre-Arrest Legal Representation

Long before you’re arrested you should retain a criminal defense attorney.  If you believe that someone filed a criminal complaint against you, or that the authorities are investigating you, hire a criminal defense attorney immediately!

In almost 30 years of practice, I have handled countless criminal cases.  Quite often I learn that my clients met with the police or gave a statement before they were arrested, and before they hired my office.  In each of those cases, my clients did more to help the police secure the evidence to arrest and convict them than the police did on their own without my client’s comments.

Often a police officer approaches a suspect, asking questions about something they are investigating.  When this happens, just get the police officer’s name and number and tell the officer that you don’t have time to talk at that moment, and that you will call him later, or the next day.  Stand your ground and don’t discuss anything with the police.  After this, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. The attorney will contact the police to protect your rights.

In recent years, I have represented many people in a “pre-arrest” capacity.  In many of these cases, my clients avoided an arrest, and in each case they did not give the police any damaging information.  In some instances, minor matters can be settled with the complainant, avoiding the need for the case to be brought to criminal court.

If you believe that you may become the subject of a criminal investigation, hire an attorney before the police ever contact you and don’t try to “clear things up” yourself by talking with the police.  It’s easy and it will likely save you bigger problems later.

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