Suspended License For DUI

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We are a society that relies heavily on automobiles. We need cars to get us to work and school. We need cars to bring our children to extracurriculars and friends’ houses. To some of us, driving is our only means of income. We all need to have the ability to drive, but what happens when that right is taken away?

One of the most common consequences of a drunk driving charge is a suspended license. A suspended license will absolutely affect your life and possibly alter it completely.

For a first-time offense:

  • Over 21 years of age & BAC result of .08% or higher: 45 day suspension & 6 month IID (Ignition Interlock Device).
  • Under 21 Years of Age & BAC result of .02% or higher: 45 day suspension & 1 Year IID.
  • Refusal to Take BAC test: 45-day suspension & 1 Year IID.

Even for first-time offenders, these penalties can have serious consequences on the rest of your life including loss of employment, increase in insurance rates, & general difficulty in everyday activities like grocery shopping and transporting family members to various activities.

Driving under suspension is NOT an option. If someone is arrested for driving while under suspension for a drunk driving conviction, they would be charged with a new and separate criminal offense of driving under suspension. That particular charge requires a mandatory 30-day jail sentence, above and beyond any punishment for the drunk driving case.

A charge of driving under the influence may end up costing much more than you can imagine. It may lead to a permanent criminal record. You can lose your license for a period of time, if not permanently.

Contact the Law Offices of Salvatore Bonanno today if you or a family member have been arrested on drunk driving charges. Attorney Bonanno will work to avoid a suspended license and help bring some order back into your life.

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